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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Feldman and his office staff are wonderful. They are top professionals who are friendly, personable and caring. I first went there to take care of a torn meniscus in my knee. A couple of years later, I broke three bones in my ankle. Dr Feldman was on his way to a vacation, but he and his office staff worked very hard to get me in to surgery before he left. The operation was a complete success. And, Langone is a great hospital with very professional staff. I highly recommend using this facility and surgeon.


Dr Feldman repaired a large rotator cuff tear due to many years of swimming. I was recommended to him by the NYU community. Before the surgery, I could not lift my arm above my shoulder without a lot of pain. After five months post-surgery, I am back swimming 2 mile races in the open-water with zero pain. Results speak volumes. I am happy paid attention to the yelp reviews that pointed to his expertise and experience. I am also happy I didn't pay attention to patient reviews criticizing his 'bedside manner.' As far as I'm concerned, that's all nonsense. In my case, he was honest, direct, supportive, and, hey, his main concern from the start was to fix my shoulder so that I could live a normal life and maybe swim in open-water again, and that's exactly what he did! Isn't that ll that should matter when choosing a surgeon? I'll close by saying this: "If he thinks he can help you with your joint issue, consider yourself lucky - damn lucky - in fact, he is a true professional with tons of experience.' I am very grateful that he had the time to fit me in to his busy schedule. Thanks again, Dr. Feldman.

John D

Dr. Feldman AND his staff are absolutely amazing! Friendly, accomodating and EXTREMELY knowledgeable. “Doc” has surgically repaired my shoulder to perfection. He’s become a reliable source for me any time I’m feeling any pain.

Jade Slater

My husband underwent 2 surgeries by Dr Feldman, both successful. I recently consulted Dr Feldman and received the type of treatment which allowed me to avoid getting surgery. Dr Feldman was very good at going over the various treatment options available. The facilities and staff are welcoming and highly professional. They also recommended an excellent physical therapist who was instrumental to my overall recovery. I highly recommend Dr Feldman and his team!

Anne Bobroff

My experience from the very start of my appointment was very pleasant. I was greeted by a very kind receptionist and then waited briefly to see Dr. Feldman. I was having pain in my ankle for a few weeks and went to get a X-ray and consultation from Dr. Feldman. He told me that I had some damage to my ankle and could get surgery if the pain continued or increased. He recommended some rest ( no bball for a few weeks) and to wear an ankle brace when I did play or workout. It's been a few mths now and I'm back to playing a few times a week with no pain at all. It was nice to not get pressured into surgery and to get an honest and caring opinion from your doctor. As pleasant as an experience that it was I hope to not have to see Dr. Feldman again but if my ankle started to hurt me again there would be no doubt in my mind of which doctor I would go see.

Taha Alassari

Great surgeon, one of the best. I had an ACL/meniscus repair about 10 years ago (which is still doing great) and have recently had a slap tear in my shoulder repaired. Excellent experience through and through for both procedures. Within 6 months of both surgeries I was pretty much back to my usual routine which included yoga, weight training, rock climbing, etc. (of course proper guided recovery is equally important). I would highly recommend Dr. Feldman as an orthopaedic surgeon, especially if you are a very active individual.

Joe P

Dr. Feldman is the best doctor in town. He did amazing work on my shoulder, I am very happy with his professionalism and performance. I would very highly recommend him.

Jeannette Salem

Over the past two years, I have had three different knee surgeries with Dr. Feldman. I am thrilled with what he was able to do for me, and I cannot recommend him more highly. He repaired a torn meniscus and then he replaced the MPFL in each knee along with an osteotomy (basically rebuilding the tracking mechanism in my knee by moving the top part of my tibia and screwing it into a new location). I had had knees that chronically dislocated (at least 50+ times per year) my whole life, and I had put off having these surgeries because they were so complicated and the recovery was so daunting. Two years later, my knees are stable, and I feel like a new person. Dr. Feldman and his staff are busy, but they are attentive, thorough, thoughtful, and helpful. I am so glad I ended up in their care.

Katie Nielson

I had surgery done on my shoulder a few years ago by Dr. Feldman . He was an amazing doctor and I have since recommended several people to see him . They all agree with me and my thoughts. At first it seems like a factory but it is not . He is always on the move from room to room . He does not spend a lot of time with you, he's not one to operate quickly. But when he does its top quality procedure and care. I will say that for my shoulder issue he was right on point and he really helped me a lot. My procedure was far from minor torn muscles rotator cuff calcium in the joint/ tunnel . The recovery pain was far less then what I suffered from years prior to my surgery.


Feldman worked on both shoulders on separate occasions. With physical therapy my recovery was very rapid and within a few months I was 80 percent recovered. It has been several years and I have full mobility and no pain. I thought his staff was very professional. I would recommend him to anyone seeking surgery for sports injury.

Mark Fletcher

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